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Due to the continued issues with COVID-19, the reopening of McCurdy campus to Individual Volunteers, Volunteers in Mission Teams and Local Volunteers had to be postponed for August, 2021 through March, 2022. We are hoping to reopen the McCurdy campus again beginning in April, 2022.  Volunteers on the McCurdy campus will be required to follow the MMCC COVID-19 Protocols listed below.  McCurdy is excited to welcome our volunteers back to campus and we look forward to being in ministry together again!

McCurdy Ministries Community Center loves welcoming individual and volunteer teams to our campus. To learn more about our volunteer programs click below to download the handbook for each program. To learn more about our volunteer programs before or after your time at McCurdy please sign up for our Volunteer Blast Newsletter by emailing eromero@mccurdy.org. To schedule a time to volunteer at McCurdy or to ask questions please contact Eufemia Romero, volunteer registrar, at 505-753-7221 or email her at eromero@mccurdy.org.

There are three different categories of persons who volunteer at McCurdy.

  1. Long term individual volunteers are volunteers who stay on campus for two weeks to a year. These volunteers become auxiliary staff and we love to welcome our individual volunteers back year after year.  We even have some snow birds who come south to McCurdy to spend the winter.  They are truly a blessing to our MMCC staff and students.  Individual volunteers must be Safe Sanctuary certified and volunteer 30 hours a week.  Individual volunteers stay in our retreat center at no cost or use our RV hookups at no charge.  If volunteers stay at least a month, meals in the volunteer dining hall are also free.  Individual volunteers work in every aspect of our ministries, from maintenance and administration to teaching and tutoring students.  We are very grateful for the incredible difference our individual volunteers make at McCurdy!

Click here to download the McCurdy COVID-19 Protocols.

Click here to download the McCurdy COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire for Local Volunteers.

Click here to download the Long Term Individual Volunteer Handbook.

Click here to download Safe Sanctuary Training instructions.

  1. Volunteer in Mission Teams and Emergency Response Teams come to McCurdy usually for a week at a time as a means of making God’s difference in our community. Volunteers help in classrooms with programming, maintenance, construction, administration and office work.  We have tasks for every ability, energy level and interest and as we update our campus, our volunteers will be even more critical to our ministries.  Most importantly we deeply appreciate the love of Christ our volunteers share with our students, staff and community every day.  All volunteer team members must be Safe Sanctuary certified.  One of our VIM Team leaders says that McCurdy provides VIM Team LIGHT experiences because you have your own bed in your own room, share a bathroom with one other room and aren’t sleeping on the floor.  For those looking for a less arduous VIM experience who want to enjoy Northern New Mexico, McCurdy is for you.  Thank you to our VIM Teams and Leaders.  We couldn’t do our ministries without your support in administration, maintenance and programs!

Click here to download the McCurdy COVID-19 Protocols.

Click here to download the Volunteer in Missions Team Leader Handbook.

Click here to download the VIM Team Member Manual.

Click here to download Safe Sanctuary Training Instructions.

Click here to download Safe Sanctuary Training Standards.

  1. We also appreciate our local volunteers who come for a day or afternoon of volunteering or a couple of hours every week or month. Local volunteers are not required to be Safe Sanctuary Trained if you are not working with children.  Our local volunteers are special groups that help us with ongoing program needs and special events.  We are so very thankful for their support!

Click here to download the McCurdy COVID-19 Protocols.

Click here to download Safe Sanctuary Training Instructions.


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