Española Valley

McCurdy Ministries Community Center is located in the historic Española Valley.

McCurdy Ministries Community Center is located 28 miles north of Santa Fe in Española, NM. The Rio Grande River flows through Española and the town is surrounded by the Jemez Mountains on the west and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the east. Our culture is a blending of Pueblo, Hispanic and Anglo cultures. Visitors can enjoy our mountains, our vistas, Pueblo feast days, traditional Hispanic crafts like weaving and tin making, traditional Pueblo crafts of jewelry and pottery, and the work of contemporary artists as well. Adventure activities include skiing, rafting the Rio Grande River and hiking our mountains. New Mexico is a land of ancient cultures and modern science with archeological sites and modern scientific endeavors close to our campus.

Most importantly, Española Valley and McCurdy are two of God’s “thin places” where it is easy to hear, feel and see God’s love at work. We are surrounded by the miracle of people from our community and from around the country who have and are working together to make God’s difference for our children, youth, adults, (add comma) and their families since 1912. We invite you to join the miracle by praying for our ministries, volunteering on our campus and donating to support the difference we make in the name of Jesus Christ.


McCurdy Ministries Community Center
362A S. McCurdy Rd, Española, NM 87532



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