Dorm Hosts

Hospitality is what this position as Dorm Host is all about.

What would you do to ensure the comfort and well-being of beloved guests in your home? Our goal is to welcome and provide for the needs of our esteemed guests so they can efficiently do the work for which they volunteered and enjoy their stay.

Here are some of the things you will do as Dorm Host:

  1. Check the readiness of rooms, common areas, and kitchens before new teams arrive. Perform any tasks not done by the departing team, according to the VIM Room Cleaning Checklist. Dispose of any leftover food if not sealed or within the expiration date.
  1. Report any damage or missing keys to the Maintenance Director. There should be two sets of keys for every room. One of the two sets will have three keys on it; the third key is for the parking area locks.
  1. Teams vary in size (four or less, thirty or more. Be informed about incoming team’s room assignments, desire for names on room door, meals, and arrival time. Eufemia should have the team room assignments information, and she will prepare “McCurdy Welcome” signs with the names. The dorm host will post them on individual room doors, prior to team arrival.
  1. Ensure that the Team Leader is aware of how to contact the Executive Director, Maintenance Director, and yourself as the Dorm Host to get into the property and dorm before their arrival date.
  1. Meet teams upon arrival with or instead of the Executive Director or Maintenance Director.
  1. Conduct Dorm Orientation with the Team upon arrival or at time agreed with the Team Leader, using the VIM Team Orientation sheet provided. Sometimes teams will need to go eat before orientation. Make arrangements for a campus tour and a visit to the Historical Room and Gift shop, if interested.
  1. Serve as a trouble shooter for the dorm, in terms of team issues, questions, room lock out, etc. Let Maintenance or Administration know if there are any concerns that need their assistance. Ensure there is a Maintenance Log available on the front desk for the team to write down any issues in the dorm. Address minor maintenance issues (such as changing table lamp lightbulbs, etc.). Report other maintenance issues as needed to the Head of Maintenance. If additional bedding or bathroom supplies are needed, inform the Business Manager.
  1. Keep change available for washers and dryers. Using key, remove quarters from the dryer in South wing for change. Turn in excess funds to the Business Manager. These funds are used to replenish laundry detergent and dryer sheets as well as dorm cleaning supplies.
  1. Make available information regarding restaurants and entertainment/recreational opportunities. Replenish as needed. Encourage team to share information, brochures, etc. with you.
  1. Ensure that books, games, and puzzles in TV Room are neat and in good condition.
  1. Remove change from drink machine as needed. Turn in any excess funds to Business Manager. Refill drink machine as needed.
  1. Insure there is bottled drinking water available for the long term volunteers in the South wing.
  1. Make a list of supplies needed (drinks, cleaning, toilet or facial tissue, paper towels, etc.) and discuss purchase with Business Manager. McCurdy has a tax-free number card and credit card for Walmart.
  1. Security checks before retiring for the night (suggested time between 9:00-10:00 p.m.); ensure all outside doors locked, front gate, and fenced parking area are locked. No doors should be left propped open.
  1. Do the laundry from prior weeks’ group if no incoming group or person is available to do it. Fold and place in the linen closet.
  1. Water thoroughly (at least Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and maintain the flowers and plants in the peace garden and the beds in front of dorm. (This may be handled by a team member as agreed in orientation).
  1. Pick up trash around dorm area; encourage team members to do the same.
  1. As needed, sweep the area outside the main entrance to the dorm and vacuum inside front entrance. (This may be handled by a team member as agreed at orientation.)
  1. In addition to above (or perhaps more importantly, even) offer a friendly, welcoming, optimistic “ministry of presence”. Be the “face” of McCurdy at the dorm site, especially at those times when the Director of Development is off or otherwise engaged.
  1. All of this entails a “full-time” (35-hour) position; however, you may still find yourself with time on your hands. Suggestions: assign yourself to special projects, such as cleaning/organizing supply room, etc. There probably is help needed at all times in the business office, in the executive director’s office, or with one of the McCurdy Ministries Programs. Some Dorm Hosts also serve as gift shop clerk.

Previous experience at McCurdy is helpful. Be as even tempered, flexible, and as cheerful as possible. Always feel free to call on McCurdy staff.  

  • Head of Maintenance, Manny Maestas
  • Team Registrar, Eufemia Romero
    505-753-7221 ext. 210
  • Executive Director, Tiffany Hollums
    505-753-7221 ext.211 or (859)462-9730
  • Business Manager, Randall Partin
    505-753-7221 ext. 264

Click here to download the McCurdy VIM Orientation by Dorm Host.


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