Faith has a place in early childhood learning

Research shows children, who attend preschool and therefore have an early childhood educational intervention in their lives, are far more likely to graduate from high school. Unfortunately, there are only classroom spots for 39% of the preschoolers in Española so the McCurdy Ministries Community Center faith-based preschool program is critical to our community.  Every school afternoon four years olds learn “Jesus loves me!” along with their “A, B, Cs.”  Our caring staff teaches the children the basics of the education and the basics of the faith.  The preschool is a low cost program with financial aid available for families that qualify for SNAP or free or reduced lunch.  We are a CYFD licensed site so parents who are eligible can also receive a subsidy form CYFD.

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For more information on the Preschool progam click on the downloadable documents below, email or call 505-753-7221.

2018-19 McCurdy Ministries Preschool Admission Application
2018-19 McCurdy Ministries Preschool Registration Form
2018-19 McCurdy Ministries Preschool Parent Authorization Form
2018-19 McCurdy Ministries Preschool Physical Form 2018-19
2018-19 McCurdy Ministries Preschool Photo Release Form
2018-19 McCurdy Ministries PreschoolContract
2018-19 McCurdy Ministries Preschool Computer Use Guidelines
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