Project Cariño

Project Cariño provides hope and help for children, youth, adults and families

For 35 years Project Cariño has provided therapy free of charge to McCurdy Ministries Community Center and for the past six years to McCurdy Charter School students and their families.  We employ two full time therapists, one full time school psychologist and mentor four master’s level MSW student interns. During the 2017-18 school year our counselors and interns shared over 4,600 contact hours with students doing therapy, classroom presentations, support groups, crisis interventions and the Big Buddy/Little Buddy and Celebrate Survival Programs.  The difference Project Cariño makes with our students is best demonstrated by a testimony from a student receiving therapy. “Project Cariño has been a great help to me.  I was dealing with problems at home and in school.  I felt alone, worthless, stupid and like I had no place anywhere.  Then one day when I couldn’t take it anymore, someone took me to Project Cariño and introduced me to Ms. Amanda.  I thank God I met her.  She has impacted my life in such a positive way.  She has also inspired me to become a social worker because now I can see a positive future where I am useful.  Thanks to her and this program I feel like a have a place in this world.” We thank the Montei Foundation, the Northern New Mexico United Way, the Con Alma Foundation and all the individuals, churches and UMW units who make this priceless ministry possible.

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