Amanda Trujillo-Gonzales

Director, Project Carino

Project Cariño is an on-site, school-based; faith-centered behavioral health program sponsored by McCurdy Ministries that works collaboratively with McCurdy Charter School to provide counseling and therapeutic services for McCurdy Charter School students and their families, as well as McCurdy Ministries program participants and their families. 

Project Cariño started in 1984 with a grant from the United Methodist Women Prayer and Self-Denial Offering.

For 30 years Project Cariño has provided school-based counseling services emphasizing and directed toward supporting healthy student development with a focus on issues critical to young people’s lives. 

Services begin with a referral from students themselves, a family member, or a teacher or administrator.  Several sessions can render information that can be helpful in assessing the nature of the issues at hand and then services may center on collaborating with families, school personnel and off-campus service providers to focus on and address behavioral symptoms and other mental health barriers to learning.


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